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Take Aways of Day1 Workshop

Day 1 – Price Action Techniques
  1. Understanding swing and positional trading
  2. Clarity on segment focusing
  3. Types of price action breakouts and 4 major types of trade classification
  4. Which Timeframe to use for different breakouts
  5. Two types of price action to identify before breakout for understanding price
  6. How to place orders without monitoring the market
  7. Entry , Stop loss and Targets
  8. Capital division
  9. Moving Average technique to identify demand in stock as Bonus
  10. Trading Journal as Bonus
  11. Complete Technique to trade without depending on live market , calls, tips, news, subscription.

Take Aways of Day2 Workshop

  1. Review of Day 1
  2. Identifying intra-day high (ITH) and intra-day low (ITL) advance swing points with practical applications
  3. In-depth study of price action patterns, including anatomy, demand-supply analysis, buyer-seller psychology, and volume analysis
  4. Analyzing company financials, growth prospects, and management quality using just 5 fundamental ratios
  5. Utilizing price trigger technique to assess the probability of breakout
  1. Lifetime access to recordings of Day 1 and Day 2 sessions
  2. Exclusive VIP group access for ongoing support
  3. Comprehensive training materials, including Day 1 PDF, complete checklist, and lifetime access to indicator codes
  4. Extended Q&A session following the workshop


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